Beyond Over Business Stress? Same.

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4 min readMar 8, 2022

There is so much thrill associated with building a business, but I cannot count the number of things that have gone wonky. To say I am stressed would be an understatement.

Now, I assumed some sporadic hiccups would occur here and there, but I’ve found myself on support calls with questions far more than I ever anticipated. As a tech savvy and busy-bodied human, these inconveniences are impacting my mental health.

The following post highlights some of the trivial, time consuming and potentially damaging issues that have risen over the past couple of months. If you can relate or have stories of your own, please comment!

Am I Getting Notified?

I regret putting my trust in notifications. It is literally as though I see every unimportant red dot appear on my screen and miss the ones I need to address. Signing up for a booking program to make my business workings easier was supposed to be a relief, but alas, I did not receive an email of a newly booked appointment.

Guess who missed it? Me. A counsellor.

Somehow, I had turned off the notification button, even though I was receiving them a week ago. Either way, I am officially checking the program first thing every morning to ensure I have my information straight.

Why is This Not Changing?

Remember that booking program above? It is a blessing in a lot of ways, but the setup was more time consuming than expected. One of my services would not change over to a certain screen no matter how many angles I attempted. By the following day when I received a call-back from support, it somehow had already changed over! I’m still confused.

Bring Me Protection!

Because I take privacy seriously, I purchased a protection program online that had great reviews. From the start, I felt something was off, but continued to play around with it until I wanted to scream.

I decided to give myself some space before retrying but woke up to emails stating that my personal social media and emails had hacking attempts. Panic for protection ensued! I contacted the company who needed to take control of my computer to assist, which also gave me a high level…



Therapy For Nurses

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