Physical Touch: 20+ Unique Ways to Bond Through the Body

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3 min readJan 24, 2022

What are love languages and why am I writing about physical touch?

Now is your time to learn a little bit more about ways to show love to others who appreciate physical touch!

Plot twist, if YOU are a person who speaks this love language, there are some tips on how you can add it to personalizing your self-care and self-love practices, too!

Physical Touch

Gary Chapman, the author of 5 Love Languages, considers that touch is a powerful force because it attends to such an important sense… touch!

To me, this is the love language of physical contact… of any sort, but of course, we each have different ways we would prefer to be touched.

Pulling Away from Touch

This one is a little tricky to explain because consensual touch is key, but if your loved one is a touch kind of person, isolating them from it can be hurtful.

For example, if someone reaches out for a hug and you brush by them instead or run away.

You always have the right to refuse physical touch, but make sure it isn’t to be spiteful, otherwise you may be causing more harm than good.

Giving Love

The following are some PG descriptions of physical touch that you could consider implementing more regularly.

- Hugs.

- Kisses.

- Hand Holding.

- Dancing.

- Brief Touch in Conversation.

- Cuddling.

- Massage.

- Touch Feet When Sitting Together.

- Touching Them When They Come Home After Being Apart.

- Initiating Physical Connection



Light body movement can be super helpful when it comes to self-care. Consider working on flexibility or balance by using Yoga, balancing exercises, RAD roller, Foam roller or watching stretching videos online.

Enjoy Your Senses



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